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100% Original Gemstones......                               ISO 2009:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY......                               Easy Return*......                               Every Gemstone with Lab Certificate......                               Lifetime Guarantee for Originality......                               Replacement in 100% Money*......                               Member of Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry......                              

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Natural Emerald Gemstone (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI ) Zambia Mines Panna Stone Unheated Untreated
CODE = Emerald1905
Weight:   3.82 Carat (4.25 Ratti)        
Length=14.90mm X Width=10.80mm
 Rs.40,158.97      Rs.13,654.05
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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gemstone jewelry manufacturer 64% OFF
Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI ) Ceylon Mines Neelam Stone Unheated Untreated
CODE = BlueSapphire3226
Weight:   5.34 Carat (6.25 Ratti)        
Length=12.30mm X Width=11.25mm
 Rs.37,872.22      Rs.13,634.00
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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gemstone jewelry manufacturer 64% OFF
Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI ) Ceylon Mines - Pukhraj Stone Untreated
CODE = Pukhraj17986
Weight:   4.37 Carat (5.25 Ratti)        
Length=10.60mm X Width=7.65mm
 Rs.49,373.13      Rs.17,774.33
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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gemstone jewelry manufacturer 65% OFF
Natural Ruby Gemstone (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI ) Burma Mine Untreated
CODE = Ruby5695
Weight:   4.72 Carat (5.25 Ratti)        
Length=11.20mm X Width=9.10mm
 Rs.68,313.36      Rs.23,909.68
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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precious gemstone manufacturer 64% OFF
Natural Red Coral Gemstone (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI ) Italy Mines Moonga Gemstone Unheated Untreated
CODE = Corel1327
Weight:   4.33 Carat (5.25 Ratti)        
Length=17.00mm X Width=6.40mm
 Rs.6,725.10      Rs.2,421.04
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
gemstone jewelry manufacturer 68% OFF
Pearl Gemstone (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI ) Sea Seep Moti – Normal Weight Pearl
CODE = Pearl11796
Weight:   9.69 Carat (11.25 Ratti)        
Length=12.40mm X Width=12.40mm
 Rs.5,336.75      Rs.1,707.76
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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gemstone jewelry manufacturer 68% OFF
Natural Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pink Sapphire Gemstone Beads Necklace in 3 Lines (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI )
CODE = BeadsNecklace755
Weight:   Gross Weight = 202.40 Carat        
Length=16 Inch, Beads=2.75 mm-4.00mm
 Rs.44,385.69      Rs.14,203.42
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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gemstone jewelry manufacturer 68% OFF
Natural Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Beads Necklace in 13 Lines (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI )
CODE = BeadsNecklace502
Weight:   Total=680 Cts, Beads=640 Cts        
Length=13 Inch, Beads= 2.5mm to 3.5mm
 Rs.281,937.47      Rs.90,219.99
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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gemstone jewelry manufacturer 70% OFF
Natural Emerald Gemstone Beads Necklace in 16 Lines, Unheated, Untreated (Certified by GIA / IGJTL / IGI )
CODE = BeadsNecklace754
Weight:   Gross Weight = 452.00 Carat        
Length=21 Inch, Beads=2.25 mm-3.75mm
 Rs.302,086.66      Rs.90,626.00
   Rate Per Piece (Incl. All)  
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(Buy Online Emerald Gemstone, Sapphire Gemstones, Opal Gemstones, Ruby Gemstones, Red Coral Gemstones & all types of Precious Natural Gemstones)


Buy Online Govt Lab Certified Natural Gemstones from Jewellery Shop India. We are several awards-winner one of the largest & foremost certified natural gemstones importer, exporter, wholesaler & online seller. We sell all types of natural precious gemstones, hallmark gold diamond jewellery and gemstone beads necklaces since 1895 at Jaipur in India.

We are an ISO 2009:2015 certified company by the world renowned certifying body JAS-ANZ and our company is also a member of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industries. In Jaipur we have 3 gemstone cutting & polishing factories & one gold diamond jewellery making plant.

WORLDWIDE IMPACT AWARDS Worldwide Impect Award by Ramdas Athawale Ji &  Usha Uthup

Award Arbaaz Khan Mumbai for India's Highest Online Seller of Natural Gem Stones

Award Poonam Dhillon Mumbai for Company of the Year

National Excellence Award by Udit Narayan Indian Playback Singer

Jewellery Shop India awarded by National Excellence Awards by Mukesh Khanna Famous Bollywood Actor

Company of the Year Award by Daler Mehndi Film Actor & Singer

Company of the Year Award by Rakesh Bedi Famouse Film Actor

Global Choice Award – Best Manufacturer of Gemstone Jewellery in India

Best Gemstone Seller Award Golden Star Award by Terence Lewis, Mohit Chauhan, Saawan Kumar Tak in Mumbai

India's Most Trusted Brand of Natural Gemstones by Smt. Kavita Krishnamurty & L. Subramaniam

Indo Sri Lanka Friendship Award 2018 for India’s No-1 wholesaler for Natural Gemstones

Vivekananda Achiever Award for Top Gemstone Seller

Our products range are natural precious stones & semi precious gemstones like Emerald Stone, Ruby Stone, Blue Sapphire Stone, Yellow Sapphire Stone, Red Coral, Amethyst Stone, Turquoise Stone (Firoza Stone), Tourmaline Stone, Garnet Stone, Aquamarine Stone, Sunela Stone, Blue Topaz Stone, Smoky Quartz Stone, Chrysoberyl Cat's eye Stone, Opal Stone, Peridot Stone, Lemon Quartz Stone, Natural Pearl and many more precious and semi precious gemstone. We also make Emerald Stone Rings, Sapphire Stone Rings, Ruby Stone Rings and precious stone beads necklaces & semi precious stone beads necklaces.


We sell natural precious & semiprecious gemstones only. Our stones give very high energy for astrological uses.  Our all stones are certified by govt. of India’s recognized gem testing laboratory. We send every gemstone in 3rd party gem testing laboratory (government of India approved gem testing laboratory) for testing.  We also provide lab’s original testing certificate to buyer with purchased stone(s).  Our buyer can check certification details (with stone dimensions & photograph) on testing laboratory’s website from worldwide.


We also make custom designed gemstone rings, bracelet, pendants etc in gold, silver, panch dhatu on our customer’s requirement.  This offer gives liberty to you to wear your designed jewelry. We have capacity to design jewelry, exactly as per photo.


Our website www.jewelleryshopindia.com is fully secure for online jewels shopping. We have VeriSign payment gateway for online gemstone/jewelry shopping. We have tie-up with more than 64 Indian banks for online payment. We also accept debit cards, credit cards, cash cards, net banking and mobile payment, cheque, draft, Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal.


Our Specialties :

  • We are An ISO 2009:2015 Certified Company.

  • Our all products are 100% pure, and very hi-power for astrological uses.

  • We have membership of Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI)

  • We direct import gemstone rough from International Mines and do cutting in our factories.

  • We sell Fresh stones only (un used).

  • Free Delivery:  We deliver all purchased products in free of cost in all over world.

  • We provide Government approved Gem Testing Laboratory Certificate with every purchased stones & rings.

    All products, which displaying on our website are in our ready stock.

  • We courier your purchased item(s) at your address within 24 hours.

  • We send goods with 100% insurance.

  • Our sale department keeps in touch with you after your purchasing until reaching goods at your home.

  • Our sales department sent courier reference number to your mail so you can track your goods position.

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Customer Service: 0091-9166888883

Order by Phone: 0091-9166888883

Order by Email: jewelleryshopindia@gmail.com

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