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Amethyst Gemstones Benefits, Amethyst Stone

Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone, Amethyst crystal

All about Amethyst Stone

Purple Amethyst Gemstones (Jamunia Stone) has been extremely esteemed throughout the ages for its everlasting beauty and extreme powers to stimulate and soothe both the mind and emotions as well. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s amazing classifications, but to the history it was a “Gem of Fire,” that is a Precious Stone worth at some times in history, as much as importance given to Diamond. It has always been linked with month of February. It is considered as the stone of St. Valentine and its faithful love that signifies ecclesiastical dignity.

Medical use of Amethyst Stone

This gemstone relieves all your tension and stress and helps in balancing your frame of mind. It also helps in dispels anger, fear and your nervousness as well. This stone reduces sadness and grief.

Who Can Wear Amethyst Stone?

Amethyest Stone (Jamunia Stone) is presently so admired by lots of people and that's the reason they are so keen to use it. It is a beautiful stone which helps to bring energy into the home. Having a piece in such bedroom will also promote restful sleep and gives peaceful dreaming as well. Any person can be benefitted by having this stone close by, as it is also the most protective crystal stone for the wearer.

Amethyst Stone Name in Hindi

The Amethyst Gemstone is also famous as Katela or Jamunia in Hindi language.

Amethyst Stone Mine

This gemstone is available in various countries such as Brazil, Germany, Hungary, India, Canada, Australia, South America, Iran, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Africa, U.S.A and many more.

Substitute Stones for Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Stone itself is a great substitute for Blue Sapphire Stone as they both resemble the planet Saturn. Therefore, Blue Topaz and Iolite can be ideally used as substitutes for Amethyst stone.

Amethyst Stone Mantra

The Mantra for this stone as it is for Shani or Saturn is:

“Om Shan Shanischaraya Namah”

Chemical Composition of Amethyst Stone

The Royal Violet and Violetish Blue Gemstone is called as the Amethyst Gemstone and is primarily composed of Silicon Di Oxide. This stone has trigonal and hexagonal prisms crystal structure with Refractive index of 1.544 – 1.553.

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