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Emerald Gemstone Benefits

(Benefits of Emerald Gemstones)

All about Emerald Gemstones

Emerald Stone (Panna Stone) is one of the most precious stone of the beryl group. The name actually comes from the old French word that is 'esmeralde', and was derived from the Greek word. It is also known as 'smaragdos' that means 'green stone'. Emerald Stone (Panna Stone) as per its name is any medium to dark green beryl which is colored by chromiumor vanadium. The historical green color of emerald stone is considered as unparalleled in the era of gemstones and it is considered as one of the most 'precious four' of rest of the Gemstone, which includes sapphire, ruby and diamond. Although emerald stone is one of the most precious Gemstone, most of them are very heavily included, rendering their resistance to breakage as usually poor.

Emerald Stones basically related with mercury (Budh) planet. It gives positive results to those who have weak position of mercury planet even it improve communication skill and remove respiratory troubles, nervous disorders, speech difficulties and allergies.

Medical use of Emerald Gemstones

Emerald Stone beneficial in various health related issues like speech and memory problems, insomnia, cardiac problems, asthma, diarrheal, epilepsy, easy labor for pregnant woman and amnesia

Who Can Wear Emerald Gemstones?

Wearing emerald stone in perfect combination with other stones and will also emerge outcomes on various competitive exams like in trade, and business. Emeralds also benefit people who are bankers, speakers, writers, politicians, shippers, judges, government officers, spiritual leaders, musicians, public architects, auditors and financiers.

Emerald Stone Name in Hindi

Emerald Stone known by different names in different languages of world Hindi is Panna Stone, Zamarrud in Urdu, Trashy in Sanskrit, Smarlda in Latin, Paanchu and Markat in rest of world language.

Emerald Gemstones Mine

Emerald Stone are found all over the world in countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Substitute Gemstones for Emerald

Green Onex, Green Tourmaline, Green Aquamarine, Green Apatite, Dark Turquoise, Green Agate, Malachite and Peridot are its substitutes

Emerald Gemstone Mantra


Soumyamsoumyaguno-petam tam Budhampran-maamya-ham!!

Chemical Composition of Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone chemically exists as Al2Be3Si6O18 - Aluminium beryllium silicate with colour element of chromium or vanadium

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