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Pearl Gemstones Benefits

Benefits of Pearl Gemstone

All about Pearl Gemstones

Pearl Gemstone (Moti Gemstone) is the most beautiful gemstone. It is considered as the gemstone of the lord Moon. In common context, everyone can wear it to get proper astrological benefits.

So natural pearl of well suitable weight engraved in silver is the best choice ever. For women, it will look pretty as it has to be worn on the small finger of the left hand whether man wear it in small figure of right hand.

Locket lover can also wear it as it can be studded as a locket for proper convenience.

Medical use of Pearl Gemstone

Natural Pearl Stone also helps beneficial to many disease such as epilepsy, cold, cough, Colic pains, paralysis, Eye diseases, intestinal disorders, tumour, madness, cancer, typhoid, hysteria, Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, varicose loins, nervous debility,, worms, and peritonitis.

Who Can Wear Pearl Stone?

Pearl Gem can wear by those who have a quite friendly moon in horoscope. One can also wear it for a good income source, mental peace and also good health. It also helps in calm down stress and brings more stability in the mood.

Pearl Stone Name in Hindi

Other names for the pearl are Nacre, Somratna, Shuktija, Tarak, Chandraratna, Mukta, Muktaphala, Moti etc.

Pearl Stone Mine

Pearls are easily found and cultured in deep clean waters all over the world. Natural sea pearls are generally found in Australia, Japan, Central America, the Gulf of Manaar, the Persian Gulf, the coast of Madagascar, Burma (Myanmar), the Philippines, the South Pacific Islands and South America

Substitute Stones for Pearl

Moonstone is the best substitute of Pearl. And on the other hand, substitutes are mysteriously less successful than its primary stone

Pearl Stone Mantra

Moti stone should be worn on a Monday because it is considered as lord Shiva’s day. You should wear this stone after evening 4.00 PM. It is good to wear it after praying to Lord Shiva. You need to be drench the stone in fresh milk and then washed it with water.

Chemical Composition of Pearl Stone

The chemical composition of pearl is calcium carbonate with water and conchiolin i.e. almost 86% calcium Carbonate, 4% of water and around approximately 14% conchiolin that is CaCO3 and H2O.

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