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Red Coral Stone Benefits

Benefits of Red Coral Munga Moonga Gemstone

All about Red Coral Gemstone

As per Indian Vedic Astrology, Red Coral Stone is the Gemstone of planet Mars or Mangle-Graha and is used for pleasing Mars. Mars (Mangal) is the planet of energy, vitality, blood circulation and ambition and therefore Red Coral is worn to boost the energy of Mars in the horoscope. It is a calcareous in nature, and is skeleton-like deposit of the coral polyp - a tiny invertebrate that dwells in waters found at depths ranging from 20 -1000 feet. It is robust in appearance and reddish in colour. Due to its properties such as softness and opacity, red coral is usually cut or used to make beads. With several benefits, Red Coral gemstone wearer gains victory over enemies. It avoids lethargy and has a good impact on mental health. Bestowing people with energy and hope, it boosts one’s self esteem. People having adverse positioning of Mars in their horoscope benefit by wearing Red Coral Stone. One of the best benefits known is its healing power; it helps skin ailments like boils, acne and wounds to recover faster. It is well known that people having Manglik dosha in horoscope suffer from unmanaged interpersonal relationships and it is believed that red coral has a wonderful positive effect on these relationship problems.

Medical use of Red Coral Gemstone

People who are associated with the fields of medicine, computer, electricity, marketing, engineering, surgery, technical, etc. are suggested wearing Red Coral gem with the consultation of an astrologer. People with Manglik Dosha can also wear red coral or Moonga Stone. Red Coral is considered to be beneficial to people with zodiac sign Scorpio or if positioning of Mars is very weak.

Who Can Wear Red Coral Stone?

This stone is presently so admired by lots of people and that's the reason they are so keen to use it. It is a beautiful stone which helps to bring energy into the home. Having a piece in such bedroom will also promote restful sleep and gives peaceful dreaming as well.

Any person can be benefitted by having this stone close by, as it is also the most protective stone for the wearer.

Red Coral Stone Name in Hindi

The Red Coral Gemstone is popularly known as Lal Moonga or Red Moonga Stone.

Red Coral Stone Mine

Red corals generally grow on rocky sea bottom in dark environment and the original species of red coral stone, it found in the Mediterranean Sea mainly.

Substitute Stones for Red Coral

Carnelian is the substitutes for Red Coral Gem.

Red Coral Stone Mantra

"Om Mangalay Namah” and “Om kraan kriin kraun sa: bhomaya nameh” are best known mantras to recite while wearing Red coral gemstone.

Chemical Composition of Red Coral Stone

Red Coral is composed of high magnesium calcium carbonate. It is generally red, white or vermilion colour and is available in different shapes.

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