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White Coral Gemstones Benefits
(Benefits of White Coral Gemstones)

All About White Coral Stone, Safed Moonga Gemstones

White Coral Gemstone symbolizes spiritual and elevated love forever. It also exemplifies purity, which in results pure devotion. It gives birth to divine fire and ultimate purification. Wearing a White Coral Stone fills the life of wearer with all the positive life- force energy and calmness. The vibrations emitted by the White Coral gemstone are stimulating and extremely inspiring. White Coral healing benefits are primarily due to Mars energies. These lead to intensify more will power and an elevated soul as well.

its use actually leads to generate the mental and spiritual powers and also give peace. Through these stones, special divine thoughts also rise in mind.

Medical Use of White Coral Stone

White Coral also ensures proper circulation of the bloodstream and is extremely beneficial in the cases of bronchitis, jaundice, backaches, asthma, common cold, leucorrhoea and leucoderma. It is also beneficial for the pregnant women. They can tie this gemstone around their navel to prevent any miscarriage.

Who Can Wear White Coral Stone?

White Coral Stone is said to have immense effects on the name, fame, virtue and capacity to command to its user. The stone is quite beneficial for people who are born under Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs. It should be worn by people who look for proper protection, spiritual awakening and eternal prosperity.

White Coral Stone Name in Hindi

Also known as “Safed Moonga” and is also famous as Shwet Praval.

White Coral Stone Mine

White Coral Stone are easily found in deep clean waters all over the world. Natural sea pearls are generally found in Australia, Japan, Central America, the Gulf of Manaar, the Persian Gulf, the coast of Madagascar, Burma (Myanmar), the Philippines, the South Pacific Islands and South America

Substitute Stones for White Coral

No substitute

White Coral Stone Mantra

"AumBhowmBhowmaaynamah" needs to be enchanted 108 times at the time of wearing a gemstone. This White Coral has been also named after Lord Shiva who is considered as the Gods of Gods. Lord Shiva blesses with tranquillity, supreme positivity, confidence and takes away all the worries, fears and anxieties.

Chemical Composition of White Coral Stone

White coral with a calcium carbonate composition.

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